Andre Sillas

Andre Sillas Headshot

Position Title
Hyper-Focus and BRAIN Studies, Assistant Specialist


Andre earned his bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Genetics/Genomics from the University of California. He was a Junior Specialist for the BRAIN study with the Neurocognitive Development lab for nearly three years before earning a Master’s degree in Psychology from Brandeis University. Andre has now returned to the Neurocognitive Development lab as an Assistant Specialist to continue work on the BRAIN study. He has been trained in and trained others in EEG/ERP data collection, ERP data analysis, eye-tracking infrared devices, and eye-tracking task development. He is interested in investigating sexual identity and mental health in both Neurodivergent and typical emerging adults. Andre plans to pursue a Ph.D. in the future to continue researching developmental psychology in marginalized emerging adults.

Education and Degree(s)
  • Psychology BA, University of California Davis
  • Genetics and Genomics BS, University of California Davis
  • Psychology MA, Brandeis University